A beginners guide to papercraft

1. Download the papercraft

To do so just select one of the categories in the menu above and klick on one of the pictures there. Then press the blue download button on the new page. All downloads on this website are for free.


2. Print the model

I recommend to print the papercraft on on A4 sized, light cardstock (150g/m²), which makes the model more robust. It does not matter which type of printer you use. Just keep in mind to print the template in the correct size.

3. Cutting

Before you can start assembling the model, you need to cut out all the parts with sharp scissors or or a small knife. It is easier to roughly cut out the parts first, so you do not need to hold the whole sheet always. Also you might want to use a cutting mat to prevent you from destroying your desk.

4. Scoring

In order to make better folds you should score the dashed folding lines with a stump knife, otherwise you might cut of the glue tabs. A ruler is helpful for more precise scoring. You do not need to score the glue tabs on the side of cylinders and cones, because it makes the final result less circular.


5. Assemble the parts

In the final step you need to glue the different parts together. To do so I recommend liquid glue, which should not be water-based, or doubled-sided adhesive tape. Details can be found in the specific instructions.