BepiColombo Papertoy

Some years ago the European Space Agency published some short videos about their Rosetta-Mission along with a little papertoy, which I really enjoyed. Now they have launched a simillar video series for their new mission to Mercury: The Epic Adventures of BepiColombo. However, they did not release a papercraft with it. This is why I built my own one.

The papertoy consists out of three parts. One for each spacecraft of the mission. MTM is the largest one and carries the other two, the European Bepi (MPO) and the Japanese Mio (MMO). On the real mission it serves as the transport module and will seperate after the arrival at Mercury. It is very easy to assemble and comes with a variety of different facial expressions.
Bepi, on the other hand, is far smaller. Therefore she carries a lot of (optional) equipment like the camera you can see in the picture. In reality she is equipped with a bunch of scientific instruments from Europe and Russia. Those will gather new information about Mercury, while Bepi orbits the planet. Finally there is Mio. It is the smallest of the three spacecrafts and comes with the least details. During the journey to Mercury its job is to communicate with ground control. Also some cameras are attached to the orbiter.

Generally I tried to keep the whole papercraft as simple as possible. This is why many of the more complicated parts are not necessary to complete the BepiColombo papertoy. Therefore they are only optional. Also I included a more detailed instruction than I usually do.

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