If you spotted a mistake, have an good idea for a papercraft or any other reason to contact me,
feel free to write at or comment down below.

One Thought to “Contact”

  1. Nina Burmeister

    My dearest Pauli,

    And here is another proof of what a genius you are!
    Once more I am thrilled to see what you are capable of.

    Your homepage is not only nice to look at in terms of design, it’s content shows your creativity and profound historical knowledge.
    I am extremely impressed by your use of the English language!

    Even though your modesty is heart-wearming, make sure you let us know about your latest projects (and failures, too). It has been a great joy to Maik and me to watch you grow and thrive. Thumbs up!

    Cannot wait to look at your guys’ yearbook once that is out.

    Take care and say HI to Anton.


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