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There is a new addition to my website: historical maps! I have been interested in history for a very long time. Now I finally found a way to illustrate it.
Maps are a great way to showcase events in the past. They give us a direct and simple overview of a campaign, crusade or journey of discovery. My map of the Fourth Crusade and the partion of the Byzantine Empire is a good example for this: You can follow the Crusaders and see the new states they created. However, all maps lack depth. No matter how detailed a map is it is always a simplification. But nevertheless it is a good start.
In the future I plan to add more maps to the collection. Right now I am working on one of the Greco-Bactrian Kingdom and DemetriusĀ“ conquest of India in the second century BC. All my maps will be available in English and my native language German.
Lastly all maps might contain inaccuracies as I am neither a cartographer or a historian. So be careful!

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