Release: CZ-1 and TG-1

While the site was down I created two new paper models: China´s Chang Zheng 1 rocket and Tiangong 1 space station.

The Chang Zheng 1 launched the first Chinese satellite Dong Fang Hong in 1970. This made the PRC the 5th country to do so. Besides testing a few new technologies the whole project was planned to be a propagandistic success. But China´s historic rival Japan launched its own satellite only two months earlier. So when Dong Fang Hong started transmitting communist songs around the globe China had already suffered a humiliating defeat. The model is based upon the Chang Zheng 1-D papercraft, which I had already built a year ago.

Tiangong 1, on the other hand, was China`s first experimental space station. Only about one month after its launch in 2011 the station already recieved its first visitor: an unmanned Shenzhou spacecraft. This marked the first successful Chinese docking maneuver in space. Later the station was visited by two manned missions, which included the first female Taikonaut. In 2016, however, control over the station was lost and it reentered the atmosphere two years later.

So now that these two historic models are completed and the site is back online I plan to create the next generation of Chinese launch vehicles in form of the Chang Zheng 2 rockets.

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