Designed to increase the payload capability of the SLV the ASLV became India´s second launch vehicle.

However, it proofed to be very unreliable. The rocket made five launches, of which only one was a complete success. This is why the project was cancelled in favor of the much larger PSLV.

The model has a lot of details and especially the boosters can be tricky to build.

The scale of the paper model is 1:100.

Currently I am correcting some mistakes so the model is not available for some time.

23 Thoughts to “ASLV”

  1. jovan

    when will you put the aslv model on the site, so that the rest of us enjoy making it?

    1. Whenever I will have corrected the template. That may take some time, however.

      1. jovan

        maybe you can send me an uncorrected draft so I’ll do my best around it, to have it corrected.

  2. Ashish A G

    Thank you for doing ISRO’s earliest models.
    Have you finished with your correction? If not How long will it take?
    I am actually looking for this so that our history can be completed.
    If it could take time, can I get the older template, please?
    Thanks in advance

    1. I send you the file via e-mail. Enjoy!

      1. Ashish A G

        Thank you so much

  3. Tom

    I have built about 300 models of missiles. My favorites are Asian – China, Japan, India.
    I would also love this model in my collection. So will it be possible to get it?

    1. I could send you the template for the Aslv but unfortunately the lower end of the boosters does not fit the upper half, yet. So you would have to adjust it yourself.

      1. Tom

        I believe I can handle it. I have already made many models. Try sending, I’ll see what happens.

      2. Ashish A G

        Can you send me too? I am waiting to get my hands on and work out the model

    2. Dave

      Hi Tom,
      was wondering if it would be possible to get any missile templates from you.
      Kind regards

  4. Dave

    Hi, any chance of getting the template of this Aslv please

    1. Hi Dave, I could send you the template for the Aslv but unfortunately there is still a mistake in it. So you would have to adjust it yourself.

      1. Dave

        That would be fine. by the way great model work. Kind regards Dave

      2. Dave

        That’s fine, great kits

  5. Anish

    Please put the template of ASLV soon !!

    1. I’m working on it. It might take some time but it will be up again. Don’t worry. I can also send you the old version though it has a small mistake on the boosters.

    2. Anish

      Yes please !
      Can you please send me the old version of ASLV.

      1. It´s done! I hope this will help you out.

        1. Anish

          Yes I received your mail. Thanks alot !!

      2. Dave

        Hi Amish,
        Is there any possibility of getting a copy of this Aslv template from you.

  6. Sathya Kumar

    Devanagari script is primarily used for Hindi Lettering, which the ASLV did not have. But a great job on the design. I will build it for sure.

    1. Hi,
      You have got a point there. I thought it was the same as the new launch vehicles. Both the PSLV and GSLV have Devanagari script on them. Also I did some research and could find this:;topic=32334.0;attach=539811;image. By the way did I manage to spell everything correctly in Devanagari script?
      Best wishes

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