The SLV-3 became India´s first successful launch vehicle when it placed the Rohini satellite into orbit in 1980. The project was headed by later Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.
Despite its high rate of failiure a modified first stage of the rocket was used to launch India´s HEX-1 Reusable Launch Vehicle Technology Demonstrator in 2016.
It was also modified into the ASLV.

The SLV is one of the easiest models on this website. If you leave the small details away it only consists out of two cylinders, three cones and the fins.

The scale of the paper model is 1:100.

11 Thoughts to “SLV-3”

  1. Ashish A G

    Is there any to do document for SLV-3? Even though it is simple, I am seeing parts that are extra. Kindly helo out…

    1. Unfortunately there is no instruction, yet. However, you probably refer to the parts forming the inner part of the engine section. Those are mainly optional and may be left out to make construction of the model easier.

  2. Tom

    Model built, included in my rocket collection. Thank you.

  3. Alfonso X Moreno

    Wonderful model!

  4. Sathyakumar Sharma

    Hi Paul, I’ve sent you the email. Regarding the Umbilical tower itself, i was thinking that the SLV-3 is scaled 1:100, therefore the truss members of the tower would have to be no more than 1mm thick to stick with the scale. I would assume that the original tower would’ve needed 100 to 150mm diameter steel pipes.

  5. Sathyakumar Sharma

    Hi, I was looking for paper model of this launch vehicle. Good Job. It would be great if you can make model of its launch tower also.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks a lot! Actually I was also looking for a model of the rocket but could not find one. So this became the first one I built. I also thought about building the launch tower. However, I could only find some bad images of it during the launch. Also it would have been very hard to build the structure in a simple way while still keeping its complexity. This is why I probably won’t build a model of the launch tower.
      Thanks again

      1. Sathya Kumar

        Hi Paul,
        I had one question about the model. For the upper section of the SLV-3 you have given one large glue tab unlike the narrower tab for the 1st stage motor. Please may I know what the purpose is? Or if I can simply slice it off and make it thinner? secondly, you’ve given disks, which I am guessing are for reinforcing the round shape of the tubes?

        As far as the launch tower is concerned, it was made of steel pipes, erected from horizontal position, after picking up the SLV-3 from its trailer. Back then, the tower did not use hydraulics, but instead large screws to lift the LV.
        I was thinking of building the tower from wood skewers or something and painting it black. if you can email me I can send you a copy of a documentary I purchased which shows the entire development and launch of the SLV-3. My email id is [skpsharma (at) gmail (dot) com]

        1. Hi,
          You are right. The discs are there to reinforce the model.
          When I built the SLV I thought it was very hard to build the upper stage in the same way as the first stage. To make it easier I gave it this large glue tab so you can roll the whole stage as one and don’t need to add an extra tab. Also it makes the stage more robust and spares the discs. But of course you can also make it smaller.
          The documentary sounds interesting! Check out your email.
          I hope this was helpful

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