Copenhagen Suborbitals, the world´s only manned, amateur space programme, wants to fly one of its members on a suborbital spaceflight with their Spica rocket.

The basic design of the rocket has already been settled in 2014. Also the team tested many of the required technologies during their two Nexo test launches off the coast of Bornholm in Denmark.
When the project succeeds Denmark will become the fourth country after the USSR/Russia, the US and China to launch its own astronaut.

As one of my oldest models the Spica is fairly simple to build. Also keep in mind that the original vehicle has not been built, yet. This is why the model might look different than the final version of the rocket.

The scale of the paper model is 1:100.

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  1. Tom

    Thank you for an interesting model for the collection. It is already built.

  2. Hans Teewurst


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