TKS-3 was a spacecraft planned by the Soviet Union in the 1960s, which was supposed to resupply the military Almaz space stations.

As part of the Soviet space station program the spacecraft travelled to both the Salyut-6 and Salyut-7. Despite being designed as a manned spacecraft the TKS never carried Cosmonauts to space.
However, its technology was later used to build most modules of the Mir space station. The Zarya module of the ISS is also based on it.

The model itself has no textures yet and will be changed in the future. Currently it has a medium difficulty.

4 Thoughts to “TKS-3”

  1. Daniel

    I’ve been looking for a model of the TKS for so long now! Can’t wait to see one with textures

    1. I’m glad to hear that! It might take some time but the textures are on their way.

  2. Mark Balderrama

    When will there be textures added??? I’m am in desperate need for this model and Tiangong along with Shenzhou!!!

    1. TKS-3 and Tiangong 1 and 2 are next on my list. Shenzhou and Tianzhou will have to wait some time, however.

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