The Salyut-7 was the last space station of the Soviet Salyut Program and was used as a testbed for the modular Mir space station.

Originally the station was the backup of the Salyut-6 space station. But that mission went as planned and so the station was launched  in 1982.
In orbit Salyut-7 suffered from technical failiures and had to be repaired several times.
Despite that the station also hosted several non-Russian cosmonauts as part of the Interkosmos program. Some of these countries were India, France, Syria and Afghanistan.

The model uses the same core model as the Salyut-6. Only extra additions are the supplemental solar panels and some minor details. Overall the model has a medium difficulty.


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  1. Mark Balderrama

    Hey, Its me again!
    Love what you’re doing!
    If you’d like I could test build future models for you like the eventual Textured Tiangong or WRESAT, and the finished model photos you could display next to the link to the download file to show the finished product!
    I’d love to help out in any way I can so let me know!


    1. Hi Mark,
      that´s good to hear!
      Usually I build each model 2 or 3 times, so you building future prototypes would help me a lot. I will send you the Tiangong as soon as it is ready.
      Thanks for the help

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