WRESAT Redstone

Recently I came across the Weapons Research Establishment Satellite (WRESAT) Project of the Australian Department of Defence. During it Australia launched its first satellite into orbit from Woomera in South Australia. This made Australia the third country (after the USSR and the USA) that launched a satellite from its own territory.

However, the project heavily relied on American support. After a US-UK-Australian missile test project was completed without failure the US donated their last Redstone missile for a civilian satellite launch.
Now the Department of Defence had to build the satellite in only a few months before the US personnel would leave Woomera. But despite this they managed to complete the satellite on schedule. Now the launch was set for the 29 November 1967. It went well and WRESAT started sending data and orbiting Earth until January 1968.

When I have finished the Tiangong space stations I might create a model of the  Redstone rocket and add it to the collection. This would also create the opportunity to modify it into another Redstone variant like the Mercury Redstone.The Jupiter C, with which America launched its first satellite Explorer 1, would also be an option.

If you want to read more about this project, I recommend the following article:
Also the Australian Department of Supply has created this booklet:

Launch of WRESAT

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